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E-invoicing: Mandatory in Belgium from 2026

Are you ready for the future of invoicing?

From 1 January 2026, digital invoicing will become mandatory in Belgium. This major change, led by Minister van Peteghem, aims to reduce the VAT gap, streamline administrative processes and create a fairer tax system.

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Are you ready for the future of invoicing?

From 1 January 2026, digital invoicing will become mandatory in Belgium. This major change, led by Minister van Peteghem, aims to reduce the VAT gap, streamline administrative processes and create a fairer tax system.

By adopting the PEPPOL network as the platform for electronic invoicing, Belgium joins other European countries in providing seamless connectivity and flexibility for taxpayers.

Key Points

  • Mandatory digital invoicing for transactions between taxable companies in Belgium from 1 January 2026.
  • The transition to digital invoicing aims to reduce the VAT gap and simplify administrative processes.
  • The government is offering a transition period to help businesses adapt to the new system.
  • The PEPPOL network will be the platform for electronic invoicing, promoting seamless connectivity between entrepreneurs.

The importance of digital invoicing for businesses

Digital invoicing is crucial for businesses to streamline their financial processes and improve efficiency. Implementing digital invoicing offers numerous benefits, including automation. Manual tasks such as data entry and paper handling are eliminated, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Digital invoicing also improves security and legal compliance by reducing the risk of errors and fraud associated with traditional paper-based invoicing. Moreover, digital invoices can be easily tracked and audited, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Digital invoicing introduces new payment options including automatic sending of reminders for outstanding payments. When payments are closely integrated with electronic invoicing, payment reconciliation becomes more efficient. This results in fewer payment delays and smoother cash flow for the business.

Your transition to e-invoicing: Unifiedpost simplifies the process

At Unifiedpost, we understand the challenges that the mandatory transition to digital invoicing in 2026 poses to Belgian entrepreneurs. We are here to make this transition as streamlined and hassle-free as possible for you.

Cost-efficient solutions

Controlling costs is crucial for any business, regardless of their size. That is why Unifiedpost offers cost-efficient solutions specifically tailored to both SMEs and large enterprises. Our digital invoicing platform is not only compliant with new regulations, but is also designed to optimise your business processes and reduce your operational costs.

Moreover, you benefit from our extensive network, of which Peppol is an integral part, to exchange e-invoices. With our support, the investment in new software transforms into a strategic move for the future growth and efficiency of your business.

Expert technical and fiscal support

Unifiedpost offers comprehensive technical and fiscal support services to ensure your transition to the new e-invoicing system goes smoothly. Our competent teams are on stand-by to guide you through every step, from initial setup to day-to-day operational support, while ensuring compliance with all tax requirements.

With Unifiedpost as your partner in digital invoicing, the transition to the PEPPOL network in 2026 will be an opportunity to modernise your invoicing processes and improve your efficiency. Our mission is to unburden you so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Automate VAT more with Valitax

As a cloud-hosted solution from Unifiedpost, Valitax automatically determines the full VAT treatment of each transaction by using a combination of your transaction data and our fully validated VAT logic and content. Valitax will also assign the tax code, whether you choose your own or ours, ensuring full tax reporting compliance.

What really sets Valitax apart is the approach it uses to perform all these functions. Valitax is designed by VAT experts, for VAT users, making it easy to implement, use and transparent in its determination process. There are no black boxes; instead, it offers numerous additional features that significantly improve the life of the VAT professional!

Tax validation service

Based on your transaction data, we validate the detailed tax results derived from Valitax's tax conclusion. This includes details such as delivery, VAT rate, VAT amount, applicability of the reverse charge mechanism, VAT deduction and more.

Valitax also informs the user of any discrepancies in a transaction or signals when an assessment is needed, such as missing VAT registration in a particular country, possible legal conflicts or incomplete input data.

This feature ensures that the invoice sent to tax authorities undergoes tax validation before submission, effectively avoiding the need for post-submission corrections.


The mandatory implementation of digital invoicing from 2026 in Belgium is a crucial step towards reducing the VAT gap and streamlining administrative processes. Prepare your business now for 2026 digital invoicing. Contact us for a seamless transition.

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