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Purchase invoices


In today's digital age, businesses strive for streamlined and efficient processes, especially in the Procure-to-Pay flow. One critical aspect is the conversion of PDF documents into XML format, which enables seamless integration and data extraction. Unifiedpost Group offers innovative solutions that empower corporates to effortlessly convert PDF files to XML, unlocking the full potential of their Procure-to-Pay operations.

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Purchase invoices - PDF to XML code
Scalability and flexibility

The PDF to XML conversion provides corporates with a scalable solution that can accommodate growing document volumes and changing business needs.

Improved supplier relationships

The ability to convert PDF invoices to XML format enables smooth and efficient invoice processing, leading to faster payment cycles and improved cash flow for suppliers.

Enhanced data security

By converting PDF to XML, corporates can securely handle sensitive information and maintain data integrity.

Seamless integration

Automating the PDF to XML conversion eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing administrative burden.


What we do

Our PDF to XML solution uses advanced technology to accurately convert PDF documents to XML format. Using advanced algorithms and intelligent data extraction techniques, it enables the extraction of relevant data fields from PDF files so that the information can be smoothly integrated into your procurement systems.

Enhanced data accuracy and integrity

Convert PDF to XML for accurate extraction and integration of data, minimizing errors and discrepancies to improve data integrity for reliable decision-making.

Improved efficiency and time savings

Automate PDF to XML conversion to save time & reduce administrative burden. Accelerate document processing for quicker decision making & better operational efficiency.

Seamless integration with procurement systems

XML files provide a standardized format for seamless data transfer and integration with ERP, accounting, and other systems. This gives real-time visibility and better control of procurement process.

Unlock the power of streamlined data extraction

Unlock the power of streamlined data extraction and integration in your Procure-to-Pay flow. Discover how our PDF to XML solution can optimize your document processing and improve operational efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demonstration and explore how Unifiedpost Group can transform your procurement processes.

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This solution is part of our Collect proposition


Our 'PDF to XML' solution, seamlessly integrated within our 'Collect' platform, offers corporations the ability to effortlessly convert PDF invoices into structured XML data. Simplify data extraction, enhance accuracy, and automate invoice processing with our advanced PDF to XML conversion capabilities, making your procure-to-pay workflow more efficient and streamlined.

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