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Empowering efficient document creation

The Design & Compose solution (Scriptura Engage, DTM) on the Unifiedpost Documents platform consists of three components: Design Studio, Compose Service, and Interact Service.

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Customization and personalization

By leveraging the flexibility of the solution, you can tailor your communication materials to individual recipients, making their messages more relevant and engaging.

Brand consistency

Our component allows you to create templates that reflect your company's branding guidelines, including logos, colors and typography.

Time and cost savings

You can make changes to templates quickly and efficiently using the Resource Promotion component, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming revisions.

Focused on business users

Our solution is focused on business users, eliminating your reliance on your IT team to make adjustments to the templates.

Introducing document creation

Design Studio

Design studio is a browser-based, collaborative and user-friendly solution that empowers business users to create visually appealing templates or templates with a difficult logic.

With Design Studio, you can

Create brand-consistent multichannel output for emails, PDFs, SMS, push notifications, and more.

Customize templates with pluggable objects like calendars and buttons to enhance engagement.

Ensure responsive communications for mobile and other devices.

Collaborate with multiple users on the same template for efficient teamwork.

Resource Promotion

Resource Promotion simplifies template management and enables business users to push changes to production independently.

With Resource Promotion, you can:
Swiftly update your entire document library with automatic and fully auditable changes.
Maintain a clear overview of template versions and approvals with the Resource Browser.
Collaborate effectively with task-based workflows and insights.
Manage and browse templates effortlessly using the web-based Resource Browser.


Unifiedpost provides support in the start-up and rollout of the templating process.

We offer:
Creation of a theme and master template by Unifiedpost.
Design Studio training, including modules on Web Designer and Resource Promotion.
Coaching sessions to assist template designers in creating complex templates.
Smooth transition to customer-specific examples with existing themes and master templates.

Experience the power of Design & Compose

Start optimizing your communication processes today. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and see how Design & Compose can benefit your business.

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Introducing document creation

Compose service

Compose Service is the component responsible for dynamically creating output within the Design & Compose solution. It seamlessly integrates with the Channel solution, eliminating the need for direct calls. With Compose Service, you can generate output for interactive instances and formats like HTML, email, and PDF.

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Dashboard compose service
Dashboard interact service
Introducing document creation

Interact Service

Unifiedpost's Interact Service enhances the editing experience by allowing interactive editing sessions before final output creation.

Editable content blocks that can be modified during interactive sessions.
Control over the display and edibility of content blocks based on data model conditions.
APIs to integrate interactive editing sessions into other applications, providing a seamless user experience.
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