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Purchase invoices

Automated approval flows

The automated Approval Flow is a powerful solution that revolutionizes your approval processes. With our advanced automation technology, you can eliminate manual tasks, reduce delays, and ensure seamless collaboration between stakeholders. Whether it's purchase orders, invoices, or other documents, our solution streamlines the approval workflow, saving you time and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Accelerate approval cycles

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual approval processes.

Enhanced visibility and control

Track approvals, identify bottlenecks and keep processes running smoothly.

Improved communication

Foster seamless collaboration among stakeholders with our intuitive interface.

Reduced errors and compliance risks

Validation checks and compliance rules ensure that only accurate and compliant documents pass through the approval flow.

Automated approval flows

How it works

By leveraging advanced technology and customizable workflows, it streamlines and simplifies the approval process for various document types. Whether it's purchase requests, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, or expenses, this solution ensures efficient and accurate approvals every step of the way.

Approval workflow configuration

Configure your approval workflow based on your organization's specific needs. Define the approval hierarchy, including locations, departments, projects, and custom fields. You have the flexibility to set thresholds and policies for precise routing of documents. The system allows you to revise, reject, and send documents for re-approval, ensuring full control and compliance. Additionally, the solution maintains a revision history for audit purposes, providing a complete trail of approvals.

Workflow builder

Utilize the powerful Workflow Builder to create trigger-based approvals. With this feature, you can define conditions that automatically trigger the approval process based on specific criteria. There are no limitations on the number of custom approval criteria you can set, allowing you to create highly tailored workflows. The system also provides smart, workflow-based notifications to keep stakeholders informed at every step of the approval process.

Document-based approval flow

The Automated Approval Flow supports document-based approvals, enabling you to establish separate approval workflows for different document types such as purchase requests (PR), purchase orders (PO), receipts or expenses. Each document type can have its own unique approval scenarios. This level of customization ensures that each document follows the appropriate approval path and complies with specific business requirements. You can also include custom fields, capturing relevant information that informs the approval process.

Revolutionize your approval workflows

Ready to revolutionize your approval workflows and unlock the full potential of automation? Contact our experts today to schedule a personalized demo and learn how an automated approval flow can transform your organization.

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This solution is part of our Collect proposition


As an integral component of our 'Collect' platform, our 'Automated approval flows' solution empowers businesses with streamlined approval processes, enhanced compliance, and improved decision-making. Simplify workflows, increase efficiency, and gain full control over the approval cycle for optimized procurement operations.

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