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Electronic registered mail

Digitally. Registered.
The qualified trusted service to send registered letters digitally.

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Documents - registered mail
Time efficiency

Save valuable time by sending registered mail anywhere, anytime. Sending registered letters digitally also eliminates the need for manual handling, printing, and physical mail preparation.

Scalability and flexibility

The solution can handle a high volume of document deliveries, allowing for seamless scalability as your business grows. Our solution is scalable to accommodate your needs.

Environmental sustainability

Eliminating the need for physical mail reduces paper consumption, carbon emissions associated with transportation, and overall environmental impact.

Integrate payment functionalities

Get paid quickly and correctly by integrating payment functionalities in the registered mail.

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Introducing Digitally. Registered.

Streamline and secure your mail

With Digitally. Registered., Unifiedpost revolutionizes the traditional registered mail process. We digitize each step, eliminating the need for physical mail and distribution, resulting in significant cost savings of up to 80%.

Our digitally registered mail holds the same legal value as paper-based registered mail, providing your business with secure and trusted communication. Accredited by eIDAS, a recognition from the European Commission, we are a qualified trusted service provider ensuring legally mandated approval.

What are the business benefits?
Significant cost savings
No more postal processes
Send registered letters any time, anywhere
No more content disputes
Possibility to integrate payment options
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How does it work

How does Digitally. Registered. work?

Experience the efficiency and confidence of Digitally. Registered. for your important document delivery needs. Say goodbye to manual mail processes and embrace the future of secure digital communication.

Hybrid cascade solution

The best of both worlds

In addition to our digital delivery options, we offer a hybrid cascade solution. Thanks to the hybrid solution, an automatic fallback to print can be activated when the electronic registered mail is not accepted. The hybrid solution also allows the sending of a normal letter, delivered via post, with a QR code so that the receiver can accept digitally. This is very practical in case no email address of the receiver is available.


Secure. Trusted. Digitally. Registered.

Our accredited solution, Digitally. Registered. by Unifiedpost, revolutionizes the way you send registered letters. A registered mail sent via our platform and accepted via itsme has the same legal value as a traditional registered mail.

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This solution is part of our Channel proposition


Elevate your company's performance with Channel, the sustainable outbound solution that transforms your Order-to-Cash operations. Experience the power of streamlined electronic document and data management in one innovative product. Leave behind manual, paper-based invoicing and embrace efficient electronic processes.

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