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Sales invoices

Send in any format to any channel

Step into the world of simple, automated document creation, conversion, and distribution with our invoice sending solution. Creating and enhancing your invoices has never been easier.

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Service excellence

We are dedicated to processing invoices with flexibility and delivering high-quality service. With a focus on continuous compliance with laws and regulations.

Reliability and innovation

Unifiedpost invests in modern and proven technologies, ensuring that our e-Invoicing solution remains reliable and at the forefront.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We are dedicated to processing invoices with flexibility and delivering high-quality service, placing a unique focus on invoice processing.

Enhanced document flows

Add value by incorporating electronic payment and signing options in your document processes.

How it works

Streamlined process

With our Channel solution, we offer a highly efficient and scalable delivery service. Our comprehensive solution covers channels and services, providing seamless data and output to meet specific needs.

Experience the power of streamlined document distribution

Choose the channels that best suit your needs and enjoy seamless delivery to businesses, consumers and governments. Take control of your document distribution today.

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Solution for you business

Our platform offers modular services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Expand your capabilities with additional document types, diverse delivery channels, enhanced payment options, efficient e-signing, digital archive, streamlined document flows and comprehensive financial services. Thanks to the modularity of the solutions, you can easily choose added-value services depending on your needs.


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Track & Trace Application: Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Monitor the status of all transactions in real-time with our Track & Trace application. Grant access to your employees through secure login credentials and manage users with ease. Gain full visibility into processing from batch to individual documents. Utilize the search function based on key document metadata for efficient tracking.

Email with Document Link: Convenient and Secure Delivery

Send emails with secure links to your documents, ensuring easy and cost-effective delivery. Customize each email with your corporate identity and additional data to clarify the document's purpose. Benefit from click-tracking to monitor document openings. The document remains securely stored on our platform, and customers can directly open the PDF without logging in.

Email with Attachment: Convenient Delivery Option

Send the document as an attachment in the email, allowing recipients to easily extract and process it. This method is commonly preferred by B2B companies for automated back-office system integration. Customize the content and layout of the email to align with your corporate identity.

PEPPOL Delivery and Default Print & Post Implementation

As a recognized PEPPOL access point, we provide seamless delivery to recipients listed in the PEPPOL directory. If you're unable to provide UBL, we will convert your format to UBL, ensuring compliance with PEPPOL requirements. Our system can convert your format to UBL, ensuring compliance with PEPPOL requirements. This feature enables delivery to both B2B and selected B2G recipients, such as Mercurius in Belgium.

It is possible to deliver documents via print & post. We have our own print facility, which garantees flexibility and ensures that your important communications reach their intended recipients.

B2B delivery

Simplify invoice and document sharing with Billtobox by Unifiedpost. Billtobox streamlines collaboration, overcoming platform fragmentation and geographic barriers. Available in 25+ countries, including Belgium and France, Billtobox enables secure and efficient communication between SMEs and accountants. Experience faster payments, enhanced client satisfaction, and cost savings with our digitalized workflow.

3rd party platforms

Expand your document delivery capabilities beyond the mentioned digital channels. The Unifiedpost Documents platform seamlessly integrates with leading third-party broker platforms and networks such as Basware, Tradeshift, Pagero, and more, either directly or through interoperability partners.

Our team is here to assist you in converting your documents and metadata into the specific formats required by these B2B platforms. With Unifiedpost, you only need to provide a single format through a single flow, and our platform takes care of generating the appropriate document type or format for each delivery channel.

As a member of EESPA (European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association), Unifiedpost extends its reach and connectivity across Europe and beyond, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient document delivery network.

B2G delivery channels

Mercurius – Belgium Only

Unifiedpost is a certified PEPPOL access point, authorized by Belgian federal and regional authorities to digitally deliver invoices to Belgian government entities. Through the Mercurius platform, we ensure seamless and secure invoice transmission in UBL format (PEPPOL BIS v3). If you don't have UBL format available, we can handle the conversion for you.

Global Government Delivery

Beyond Mercurius, Unifiedpost enables digital invoice delivery to governments worldwide. We have established direct connections and partnerships with interoperability providers, allowing us to securely deliver invoices to government instances across the globe. Our platform is also connected to the European Commission through e-Prior, expanding our reach and capabilities.

This solution is part of our Channel proposition


Elevate your company's performance with Channel, the sustainable outbound solution that transforms your Order-to-Cash operations. Experience the power of streamlined electronic document and data management in one innovative product. Leave behind manual, paper-based invoicing and embrace efficient electronic processes.

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