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Business Case: Digitalising invoice delivery for Wolters Kluwer Belgium

Wolters Kluwer Belgium collaborated with Unifiedpost Group to modernize invoice delivery, embracing digital archiving and personalized delivery options. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, reduces paper usage, and improves customer satisfaction.

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Get to know Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Belgium is a leading global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for professionals in legal, tax & accounting, finance, healthcare and ESG. Wolters Kluwer Belgium plays a vital role in enabling organisations to make informed decisions and drive efficiency.


Wolters Kluwer Belgium has been a loyal customer of Unifiedpost Group’s invoicing services since 2006. In 2023, the business transitioned to our latest platform to access a comprehensive solution which overall enhanced their invoice delivery efficiency and minimised paper usage.

Our solution

Unifiedpost Group partnered with Wolters Kluwer Belgium to enhance their invoice delivery process. Through our integrated solution, we optimised invoicing procedures and digital archiving, prioritising sustainability.

  • Digital archiving: Embracing a paperless approach, we implemented an improved digital archiving system for Wolters Kluwer Belgium. This empowered the business with secure document storage and effortless retrieval, ensuring a seamless and organised document management experience.
  • Cascade system: Our innovative cascade system transformed invoice delivery into a tailored and customer-centric experience. Leveraging our platform, Wolters Kluwer Belgium can choose from multiple delivery options. Invoices seamlessly flow through the Peppol platform, are dispatched directly to customers' ERP systems or Billtobox, or printed and sent via traditional mail when digital delivery is not feasible.
  • Electronic first approach: Efficiency is at the heart of our solution. We prioritise electronic delivery as the primary method, ensuring faster and more efficient invoice transmission. However, if electronic delivery isn't possible, we seamlessly adapt, providing alternative options such as PDF invoices or print delivery.

Benefits to Wolters Kluwer Belgium

By adopting the digitalised invoice delivery solution, Wolters Kluwer Belgium has experienced several significant benefits:

  • Streamlined delivery process: The digitalisation of invoice delivery enables Wolters Kluwer Belgium to efficiently manage the transmission of invoices through multiple channels, including digital platforms and email. This streamlined process ensures faster and more accurate communication, enhancing overall efficiency in invoice delivery.

  • Environmental sustainability: The transition from paper-based invoices to digital formats has made a notable positive impact on Wolters Kluwer Belgium's environmental sustainability efforts. By significantly reducing paper consumption, the solution aligns with Wolters Kluwer Belgium's sustainability goals and contributes to environmental regulations.

  • Enhanced customer experience: The availability of multiple delivery options, including digital platforms, empowers Wolters Kluwer Belgium's customers to choose their preferred method of receiving invoices. This flexibility improves accessibility, reduces potential delays, and ultimately enhances the overall customer experience.


Through the implementation of our digitalised invoice delivery solution, Wolters Kluwer Belgium now benefits from streamlined processes, enhanced customer experience and improved sustainability efforts. Our partnership with Wolters Kluwer Belgium exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that optimise operations, drive sustainability, and create exceptional value for our clients.

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