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Streamlining discharge transfer for insurers and brokers

Assuralia is the Professional Association of Insurance Companies and represents virtually all Belgian and foreign insurance companies operating on the Belgian market. They play a crucial role in the insurance industry, facilitating communication and collaboration among stakeholders. As a central entity, Assuralia aims to streamline processes and improve working procedures.

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The challenge

Members of the sector organization, represented by Assuralia, faced challenges when transferring discharges to customers. These challenges included ensuring prompt payment from customers, accuracy in amounts, and clear communication throughout the process. Manual handling of discharges and reminders proved to be time-consuming, prone to errors, and led to potential delays in sending notifications and collecting payments.

The solution

Unifiedpost proposed a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. We introduced a hybrid model that combined digital and traditional methods for discharge transfer. Leveraging our platform, the insurance companies could send discharges to customers via email, incorporating payment buttons, and utilizing technologies like Zoomit and Doccle.

This facilitated seamless and secure communication, enabling their customers to make partial payments when required.

The benefits

By implementing our solution, insurance companies experienced numerous benefits. Firstly, the hybrid model enabled efficient and timely discharge transfer, ensuring that customers paid the correct amount with the appropriate notice/reference. This reduced the risk of customers being uninsured due to payment delays or inaccuracies.

  • Efficient and timely discharge transfer
  • Flexible delivery due to cascade model
  • Ensured customers paid the correct amount with the appropriate notice/reference
  • Meet the growing demand for digital services

Additionally, our platform alleviated the administrative burden for insurers by automating discharge handling and reminders. They could rely on our system to automate the process, ensuring accurate communication and reducing manual errors. This resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced administrative overhead, and enhanced customer service.

The importance of offering this service to customers

By offering the Unifiedpost solution, insurers ensure prompt payment, accurate amounts, and clear communication, thereby minimizing the risk of customers being uninsured. Moreover, it enhances customer experience by providing a seamless and convenient payment process, improving overall satisfaction and fostering customer loyalty.


In summary, our solution for insurers, in collaboration with Assuralia, has revolutionized the discharge transfer process. By implementing a hybrid model, leveraging digital technologies, and automating communication, we have facilitated timely payments, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced customer service. This business case highlights the value of our solution in addressing the challenges faced by insurance companies and their customers, fostering efficiency and customer satisfaction within the insurance industry.

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