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Nike automates warehouse logistics with flexible labelling

Nike European Logistics Center (Nike ELC) is the logistic knowledge center of Nike in Europe. All logistics activities between the 200 factories and +30.000 customers are coordinated here. The company manages the warehouses, the transport, the information- and communication systems and provides innovative logistics solutions, tailored to the internal customer. Nike ELC supplies all sports shops and athletes in Europe with sportswear, sports equipment and sports shoes. Documents in all forms (data, print ...) are crucial, especially the packaging labels and lists. Every day, more than 135.000 labels and lists are created and enriched with sophisticated unique barcodes.

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The challenge

One of the major challenges of Nike was the ability to cope with changing specifications for labels. Each day, thousands of labels were being produced. The quality of the labels was difficult to optimize and it was hard for Nike to continue to meet the changing demands that transport organizations require for their labels. As a result, Nike did not get the best prices for their transport. This is why optimizing and customizing labels was one of the most important aspects. This would not only save them time, but it will also reduce unnecessary transport costs.

Another challenge was the very limited capabilities their system had in terms of layout and logic. Nike ELC was looking for a flexible document solution that could implement changes to document templates and labels, with the speed at which the company evolves itself.

The solution

To address these challenges, Nike ELC implemented the Design & Compose solution of Unifiedpost, a flexible document solution based on open standards. Unifiedpost empowered Nike ELC to optimize and customize packaging labels, saving time and reducing unnecessary transport costs. The solution provided a central and cross-platform environment, enabling seamless integration within their existing system without the need for additional hardware or software.

"Our logistic documents get the flexibility they need from the strict regulations”

The benefits

  • Cost-savings: By customizing and optimizing labels, Nike ELC improved their ability to meet changing specifications and demands from transport organizations, resulting in better prices for its transport services and reduced unnecessary costs.
  • Flexibility in Design: The solution allowed Nike ELC to quickly implement changes to document templates and labels, ensuring they could adapt to the evolving needs of the company and meet the demands of their internal customers.
  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminated hardcoded processes and provided a central platform for managing labeling and documentation. Nike ELC gained flexibility and control over their labeling processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Integration Capabilities: Unifiedpost’s solution seamlessly integrated with Nike ELC's existing legacy environment, preserving their AS/400 system and avoiding the need for modifications. This ensured a smooth transition and eliminated the need for additional hardware or software investments.

Key takeaways

  • Nike ELC faced difficulties in optimizing label quality and struggled to meet the evolving demands imposed by transport organizations. As a result, high costs ensued.
  • Unifiedpost's design & compose solution enables Nike ELC to enrich the more than 350,000 labels created daily with sophisticated unique barcodes.
  • High volumes of documents in various formats are efficiently managed, including large PDF documents of 300 MB and more.
  • Nike ELC achieved cost savings, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction by harnessing Unifiedpost's flexibility and open standards to automate their warehouse logistics.


By leveraging Unifiedpost's flexibility and open standards, Nike ELC successfully automated their warehouse logistics and achieved cost savings, streamlined operations, and improved customer satisfaction. The solution's ability to handle high volumes, integrate within the existing system, and provide customization capabilities allowed Nike ELC to meet the demands of their dynamic business environment. The implementation showcased the power of flexible labelling solutions in optimizing warehouse logistics for a global retail giant like Nike.

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