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Transforming parking fee management: OPC's digital solution for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction

Optimal Parking Control (OPC) is a leading parking management company in Belgium, founded in 2002, and specializes in comprehensive parking management solutions. Their expertise covers both on-street parking management on public roads, as well as the development,construction, and operation of underground and above-ground parking facilities for off-street parking.

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The challenge

OPC faces a huge challenge with sending parking fees. With thousands of parking fees being issued daily, the traditional system by traditional mail was beginning to falter, especially regarding the fees for drivers of a leased car. The delays in forwarding fees to drivers through leasing companies caused a lot of complaints and unnecessary reminders with late payment penalties, again sent by traditional (post)mail.

This led to frustration for OPC, the leasing companies as well as the drivers. As a result, OPC saw the need to change their approach to parking fees and were looking for a partner who could help them achieve this goal.

The solution

Unifiedpost, a digital solutions provider, came up with an innovative solution for the parking fees towards drivers of a leased car, that not only met OPC's challenges but also transformed the parking management industry.

Traditional printing and scanning methods were abandoned by Unifiedpost's UPfleet solution: a digital platform that automates the process of sending fees, with all the necessary information. Fees are sent directly to the driver's mailbox, reducing the handling required by the leasing company.

Thanks to this digital solution, fees within the leasing context are handled faster, giving drivers more time to pay and reducing the risk of late payment penalties. Moreover, the process has become much more convenient for leasing companies, as they no longer have to scan or print the fees.

"With the switch to digital delivery of parking fees by Unifiedpost, we have realized significant efficiency improvements and cost savings. In addition, we have strengthened our relationship with leasing companies by offering them a reliable and faster service."  - CEO, Optimal Parking Control

The benefits

  • Cost-savings: By switching to digital delivery, OPC was able to significantly reduce the costs associated with printing and physical delivery.
  • Reliable delivery: With UPfleet, the delivery of fees was always guaranteed, reducing the risk of non-delivery.
  • Reduced administrative burden for leasing companies: The digital delivery process eliminated the need for leasing companies to scan the documents, resulting in less administrative work.
  • Faster delivery: Digital delivery ensured that parking fees reached drivers faster, giving them more time to pay the fees, without the risk of additional costs due to late payment.

Key takeaways

  • OPC faced the challenge of finding a solution to send parking fees not only via print but also directly to leasing companies, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Unifiedpost's UPfleet solution enabled OPC to send parking fees digitally, with the data in the PDF, directly to the driver's mailbox, resulting in significant cost savings, reduced handling for leasing companies, and faster delivery of fees.
  • UPfleet enabled OPC to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a more reliable and efficient service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
  • By transforming their process with UPfleet, OPC was able to streamline their operations while offering a more convenient and modern solution to their customers.


By working with Unifiedpost and implementing UPfleet, OPC was able to transition to a digital process for delivering parking fees. This resulted in significant cost savings and efficiencies for OPC and their partner leasing companies, ultimately changing the world of parking management. By embracing digitalization, OPC has positioned itself as a forward-thinking company that adapts to the needs of its customers and current market trends.

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