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Navigating the Peppol network

Understanding how the Peppol network operates is not only enlightening but also essential to unlocking its potential for optimizing your business processes. In this exploration, we'll embark on a journey through the Peppol network, unveiling its step-by-step process that breathes life into seamless document exchange.

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Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:
  1. Certified access point connection: Companies eager to join the Peppol network kick-start the journey by partnering with a certified access point provider. Take, for instance, Unifiedpost Group, a certified Peppol access point, guiding businesses toward a new realm of electronic exchange.
  2. Initiating document exchange: Once the groundwork is set, suppliers can send their electronic invoices to their chosen access point.
  3. Validation and verification: The access point carefully validates the invoice document, ensuring its compatibility with the Peppol network. This step guarantees that the document is error-free and ready for seamless transmission.
  4. Transmission to buyer's access point: After successful validation, the access point forwards the verified invoice to the corresponding access point of the buyer. This forms a secure bridge for the document to traverse.
  5. Further validation and integration: The buyer's access point takes charge, conducting additional validation checks. The invoice is then integrated into the buyer's Accounts Payable (AP) system, ensuring the synchronization of all financial processes.
  6. Automated integration: The true power of Peppol lies in automation. The supplier's invoice effortlessly finds its place within the buyer's system. The need for manual data entry and verification evaporates, saving invaluable time and resources.

It becomes abundantly clear that understanding Peppol's inner workings is not merely enlightening but also a strategic imperative for modern businesses. Peppol, with its step-by-step process for seamless document exchange, presents a roadmap to efficiency and innovation that cannot be ignored.

From the inception of a certified access point connection, exemplified by partners like Unifiedpost Group, to the intricate validation and verification stages, Peppol paves the way for a frictionless journey in electronic exchange.

A new chapter in digital invoicing in Belgium

Following recent announcements, Belgium is preparing to make e-invoicing mandatory for all businesses from 1 January 2026. This momentous step underlines the growing importance of the Peppol network and the urgent need for large enterprises to move quickly. With Unifiedpost Group's expertise, companies can see this change not as a daunting task, but as a lucrative prospect. Step confidently into 2026, update your billing practices and improve your operational performance. At Unifiedpost, we are dedicated to streamlining your conversion so you can focus on your core mission: moving your business forward. Contact us.

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